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Ann Chery | Best Waist Trainers 2017

Ann Chery | Best Waist Trainers 2017 0

We specialise in Ann Chery waist training and waist trainer products, latex waist shapers, slimming products and shapewear. 

Buying an Ann Chery Waist Trainer can seem pretty complicated! Its hard to know what size you are and what style Waist Trainer is perfect for your needs. We want this process to be as easy as possible for you.

Lets start off with sizing!

Having the right size Waist Trainer is very important. If your Waist Trainer is too small it could be very uncomfortable and if your Waist Trainer is too loose it really wont be doing anything for you. The best way to figure out what size you are is by getting an accurate measurement of your waist in inches. Grab a tape measure and wrap it around the natural waist line (for most people this is a couple inches above the navel). Then take this number and compare it to the Ann Chery Size Chart we have provided for you.  Do not try to order a size that is smaller that what you need, these items are already high compression.

What style do you need? 

Before deciding this you need to ask yourself what you will be wearing your Ann Chery Waist Trainer for. Will you be wearing it throughout the day? Will you just be wearing it to the gym? 

Top Waist Trainer for Day to Day wear

With a Ionized Latex exterior, our Ann Chery Classic Waist Trainer offers maximum compression. These are our most aggressive style of Waist Trainer. They are a longer torso fit making them ideal for love handles and lower tummy coverage. These are particularly popular amongst our Post Natal mums for use during recovery after childbirth.

Top Waist Trainers for the Gym 

Ideal for almost any level of workout intensity, particularly cardio, however due to boning we do advise against wearing them for abdominal exercises i.e. sit-ups, crunches etc or any exercises involving bending i.e yoga, pilates. 

NEW and EXCLUSIVE Metallic Edition Waist Trainers

Stylish and functional this latex waist trainer with added support of 3 hooks from Ann Chery help you slim waist and look great.

Maximise your Results! Skin Firming...

Get the Ann Chery Slimming Cold Gel, Caffeine Cream or Osmotic Wrap for maximum slimming and firming in conjunction with your Waist Trainer.


Top tip!

It is advisable to invest in a couple of Waist Trainers (i.e. one for everyday and one for working out) and to alternate their usage frequently to avoid wearing them out, destroying their strength and to allow adequate time for cleaning and air drying in between, and so that each Waist Trainer gets to ‘rest’ between each wearing.  

Suffer from Back Pain?

Our Ann Chery Waist Trainers can aid to improve your posture (forces your back to an upright position) helping prevent and relieve back pain and tension that you probably did not realise was caused from slouching for those who stand or sit for long periods at a time e.g. retail, hospital, office etc

Please read the product descriptions associated with each product and choose the one best suited to the results you are trying to achieve or the one which is best suited to your needs.

CLICK HERE to see the full collection of >>>Ann Chery Waist Trainers<<<

Black Friday Waist Trainer Corset Sale 0

Take up to 40% off our best selling Ann Chery waist shapers and butt lifters through till Sunday Midnight. 

Shape & Slim Your Body Instantly with Latex Waist Trainers, Waist Shapers & Waist Cinchers. 
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4 Row Waist Trainer

4 Row Waist Trainer 0

Drop inches from your waistline with our exclusive 4 Hook Waist Trainer. It has four rows of strong hooks that allow adjustment for a secure and perfect fit and is longer to help cover lower tummy "mummy pouch". Provides excellent value for money as it will last you far longer!

This authentic Colombian Latex Waist Cincher slims you down instantly, reducing your waistline up to 4 sizes and instantly! With the recommended wear of up to 8 hours daily it can help to aid weight loss through thermal compression in your core which causes ramped up perspiration around the waist.

This discreet black latex waist trainer from Fajas Pro which is fast becoming a new best seller in the USA. The Clasica or Sport 4-hook waist trainer shapes and smooths your midsection, offers you value for money. Get a lovely hourglass figure with our best selling 2016 style for maximum results.

The four hook waist cinchers are among the most popular products in our catalog. We don't overlook anyone. We listened to the demand of our plus size customers who wanted a more cost effective way to waist train and slim down with the best quality products. These waist training corsets have been specifically designed with such customers in mind. Designed for longer torsos and shorter, these cinchers come in various sizes from a XS up to a 7XL.

With the finest material for comfort and high quality stitching for durability, these affordable waist cinchers are bound to offer you the best value for your money. Perfect for getting that hour glass look! Instantly provides lifting and shaping whilst it slims your body!

The waist-trainer should be worn for a minimum of 8-10 hours a day for long term results!

Coke Bottle Cartel UK are proud to be the first UK Distributor for Fajas Pro.

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Lateysha Grace (Big Brother) Waist Training 0

Reality TV babe Lateysha Grace recently excited the Big Brother house having taken part in one of the most explosive and entertaining series yet. After she suffered major embarrassment when her dress split open on live TV following her Big Brother elimination, revealing her pink thong and bare bottom, Lateysha has decided to embark on a new healthy diet and fitness regime which involves waist training. The 23-year-old The Valleys star was speaking to Rylan Clark on Big Brother's Bit On The Side following her shock eviction on Wednesday night, when he challenged her to show off her her twerking skills. Lateysha was left red faced faced when her dress split open on live TV during Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Wednesday night. See the full video here >>>
Welsh beauty Lateysha has also previously appeared on MTV show The Valleys, where she proved herself to be a hilarious, quick-witted talent, leaving viewers in stitches with her one-liners and shocked by her frolics with both the male and female cast members of the short-lived reality show. Lateysha, who labelled herself the "Welsh Beyonce", also has a 9-month-old daughter, Wynter, who she left for the time that she was in the Big Brother house. Lateysha was listed as the bookie's favourite to win the show. Now out of the house and ready to kickstart her healthy eating and fitness routine, she is waist training with the new 4 hook latex waist trainer by Fajas Pro, how fab do her curves look! 😍
phonto-3 Fajas Pro® specialise in women's high quality Colombian shapewear and compression garments. Their state of the art, long lasting 4 row hook waist trainers, waist shapers, fajas and girdles are designed and manufactured in a factory in Bogotá, Colombia and exclusively sold in the UK by Coke Bottle Cartel UK. Click here to check out the full range.
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How to spot fake Waist Trainers

How to spot fake Waist Trainers 2

It is important to understand the difference between an authentic Colombian or Brazilian waist trainers and the fake waist trainers that are being sold on sites like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.
Let's begin today with understanding why you should choose to purchase the real from our online store. We Sell ONLY AUTHENTIC Colombian waist trainers!!! Why is this important?
As you can see in the image above there are some crucial differences between a real and a fake Latex waist trainer. It's important because Colombian latex is medical grade. The medical grade latex is the highest quality of latex and helps to promote detoxification, Fat Metabolization and Blood Circulation.
Colombia has been using latex girdles for over 30 years!!! Doctors would use these garments after surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tucks to make sure the client was getting the best results. The Latex Waist Trainer or in Spanish "Faja" or "Fajas" where used to tighten the operated area and to help reduce swelling. Over time Fajas or Waist Trainers where used post pregnancy to get women's stomachs back to the original size pre-baby. It would help to tighten the stretched out muscles, skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Our manufacturers use only Medical grade latex, Hypoallergenic cotton lining, and over 1lb of latex for maximum compression and results. The re-enforced clips will withstand pulling and tugging when initially putting on your trainer.
Please do not be fooled by prices that seem cheaper, they are cheap for a reason. The market is flooded with sellers that use the Ann Chery, Ann Michell and Fajas Salome stock images but don't actually sell these brands. You will receive an imitation, if you are lucky you might receive another brand from Colombia, but most of the time you will receive a fake waist trainer manufactured in a Chinese sweat shop.

Waist Training Buying Guide, do's and dont's... 0

Kim, Khloe, Kylie & Kourtney Kardashian have broken the internet with their love for waist trainers by posting their improvements and and themselves in the latex corsets on social media and more. Any why not? We receive feedback daily on how amazing our latex waist trainers are and the results they produce! There seems to be hundreds of companies and ebay sellers now selling the infamous latex waist trainers with their increased popularity and it’s hard to pick where to buy from. With a spike in interest in latex waist trainers comes a lot of questions in what are you actually buying? Where are you buying from? And are you buying a quality product that will deliver results? Here’s a great checklist to get you started before buying a waist trainer online:


Buying a Waist Trainer Online

1. How to define top quality? Quality Latex Waist Trainers (fajas) are only manufactured in Colombia and Brazil contain (you guessed it) 100% Latex core, spiral steel (flexi) boning in the trainer and quality cotton and or cotton/spandex (sports trainers) lining. Ask these questions and ensure your latex waist trainer is in fact what you are purchasing and not a cheap imitation.

2. How many steel bones? There are many companies that claim they have the above, latex & steel boned trainers. It’s best to ask the question of how many and the quality including the length of the trainer. Latex Waist Trainers with flexiboning have proven far more effective for posture support and overall capability of the garment.

3. Where are you buying from? The world of online shopping can sometimes create a lot of confusion on who you are buying from and where. Companies may claim they are within the UK or give the impression they are by using “UK” in their name, etc. How to work out if they are local? Check their local shipping address.

4. Shipping & Returns – Does the company have a shipping agreement in place? If shipping from within UK you should be guaranteed your order within a few days or even sooner! If there is a problem with the garment – is there a return policy in place to protect yourself?  

There are so many benefits what latex waist trainers can bring for you which is sad why there has been negative feedback caused by international companies offering inferior products and incorrect information. We are sure the above advice helps making your decision when purchasing your waist trainer and we are so confident in our offering we encourage you to even check out what others are offering. Our passion is for waist training and are proud to be the official UK stockist, offering quality latex waist trainers in the UK and across Europe, fast & free shipping for orders over £100 and outstanding customer service to match for our dolls!